Excellent service

Tea arrived speedily, following excellent customer interaction via email.

Buchu works for me very well

Buchu works for me very well. Very good products .Especially the oil capsules. Wonderful scent in the tea .. Thank you for the good service also!

Very good taste

The buchu tea has a very good taste, and I also like that it comes with its entire leaves. It’s so much nicer when there are no little bits and pieces of sliced leaves in the mug. Since I ordered from Spain

Buchu tea and other

Buchu Tea and all other buchu products are fantastic. Highly recommended!!!

Highly Recommended

I first took Buchu tablets in South Africa for water retention – what a difference they made. Now I reside in the UK and I am genuinely pleased to have found Buchu Tea. The tea is great and the service very good. I am so pleased these products are available in Europe. The health benefits,[…]Read more

Everything worked well

everything worked well like before: the quality is very good, delivery was well and quick…thanks for your good job.